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The Battle Against Warping: Why Wood Garage Doors are Vulnerable From Bellevue to Puyallup


The Science of Warping Garage Door

Warping occurs when different parts of a wooden door absorb moisture at varying rates, causing uneven expansion and contraction. This process can twist, bow, or deform the shape of the wood, leaving homeowners with a door that is both aesthetically unpleasing and functionally compromised.

warping garage doors article Warped Garage Door Picture
A warped wood garage door is WA State

Bellevue and Puyallup’s Climate: A Recipe for Warping

From Bellevue to Puyallup, our maritime climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and cool, dry summers, can be particularly harsh on wood garage doors for several reasons:

1. Frequent Rainfall

Bellevue and Puyallup are famous for our frequent rain, averaging 152 days of significant precipitation a year. This abundant moisture can be absorbed by wood garage doors, causing them to expand.

2. High Humidity

Beyond just the rain, Bellevue and Puyallup’s average relative humidity ranges significantly throughout the year, from damp winters to drier summers. This constant fluctuation can be tough on wood, leading to cycles of expansion and contraction.

3. Limited Sunlight

With its reputation for overcast skies, Bellevue and Puyallup do not provide the consistent, drying sunlight that helps to keep wood garage doors in other regions from absorbing too much moisture.

The Wood Itself: Not All Are Created Equal

Different species of wood have varying levels of resistance to moisture and, consequently, to warping. For example, cedar is more resistant to moisture than pine. Moreover, the cut and quality of the wood also play a significant role in its susceptibility to warping.

Mitigating the Warp: What Can Be Done ?

While warping in Bellevue and Puyallup’s climate is a real concern, it isn’t an insurmountable problem. Here are some strategies to combat it:

1. Seal and Protect:

Regularly applying a high-quality sealant can create a moisture barrier, helping to prevent water from penetrating the wood.

2. Choose the Right Wood:

Opt for woods known for their resistance to moisture, such as cedar or redwood.

3. Regular Maintenance:

Inspect and maintain your garage door regularly, addressing any signs of warping early on to prevent further damage.

4. Consider a Composite:

For the look of wood without the warping risk, consider a composite material that mimics the appearance of wood but offers greater resistance to Bellevue and Puyallup’s moisture.

Other Garage Door Options:

In the moisture-rich environment of Western Washington, alternative garage door materials can provide significant advantages over traditional wood. For instance, steel garage doors, known for their durability and low maintenance, are highly resistant to warping and can effectively withstand the frequent rain and variable humidity of the Pacific Northwest. They can also be insulated to a higher degree, offering energy efficiency that keeps garages warmer in the cool, damp winters.

For homeowners still captivated by the aesthetic of wood but wary of the upkeep, composite garage doors present an appealing solution. These doors are engineered from a blend of recycled wood fibers and polymer resins, mimicking the rich appearance of real wood while offering superior resistance to warping, rotting, and decay. Additionally, they require far less maintenance than their solid wood counterparts, saving time and effort in the long run.

Aluminum and glass garage doors, which are both stylish and incredibly resistant to corrosion, offer another excellent option. These doors allow natural light into the garage and give a modern, sleek appearance to the home, all while standing strong against Seattle’s challenging weather conditions.


While the natural and classic charm of wood garage doors is undeniably attractive, homeowners in Bellevue and Puyallup area need to weigh these aesthetic benefits against the practical challenges posed by the city’s unique climate. With frequent rain, fluctuating humidity, and overcast skies, Bellevue and Puyallup can be tough on wood garage doors.

However, with the right wood choice, regular maintenance, and protective measures, it is possible for Bellevue and Puyallup homeowners to enjoy the beauty of a wood garage door without constantly battling the warp. Below are some of the wood garage doors that we offer:

Clopay Classic Wood

Clopay Wood Semi-Custom 2 Layer

Northwest Door Township 2-3 layer

Northwest Door Wood Panel


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