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Why You Should Replace Both Garage Door Springs When Only One Breaks

When a garage door spring breaks, many homeowners might consider replacing just the broken one. However, replacing both springs can often be the best decision. Here’s why skilled technicians typically recommend changing both springs simultaneously, ensuring balanced performance and cost efficiency.

Balanced Performance and Symmetrical Wear and Tear

Garage door springs are pivotal in lifting and lowering the door smoothly and evenly. When only one spring breaks and the other is left as is, the older, unbroken spring may not have the same tension and strength as a new one. This can lead to asymmetrical wear and tear, putting extra strain on the new spring and the garage door opener. Replacing both springs ensures that the door’s movement is balanced and smooth, reducing the risk of future malfunctions and prolonging the lifespan of your garage door components.

Cost Efficiency Over Time

Initially, replacing one spring might seem more cost-effective, especially if you’re facing immediate budget constraints. However, considering the longer term, replacing both springs at once can actually be more economical. This approach minimizes the risk of the second, older spring breaking shortly after the first, doubling the labor costs for another repair visit. Most garage door springs have a similar life expectancy, so if one has broken, the other is likely not far behind.

Comprehensive Assessment by Skilled Technicians

When you seek professional help for a broken spring, skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive assessment of your garage door’s overall condition. This includes checking both springs for signs of wear and fatigue. Their expertise and personalized recommendations are invaluable, as they can identify issues that might not be apparent to the untrained eye. Their goal is not just to replace a broken part but to ensure your garage door system operates reliably and safely.

Unique Circumstances and Making the Right Choice

It’s important to recognize that every garage door setup might have its unique circumstances. Some newer systems or those that have been meticulously maintained might not require both springs to be replaced if one breaks. However, this is generally the exception rather than the rule. A visit to a garage door showroom or consultation with a technician can provide deeper insights into the best products and practices for your specific needs.

A garage door with two springs.

In conclusion, while replacing both garage door springs might seem like an unnecessary expense at first, it offers several benefits that make it a wise decision. It ensures balanced operation, prolongs the system’s lifespan, and ultimately provides better cost efficiency. Always consult with skilled technicians who can offer a comprehensive assessment and personalized recommendations tailored to your garage door’s condition and your personal needs.


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