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How Do I Lift My Garage With a Broken Spring?

If you’re a homeowner with a broken garage spring, you may be here trying to figure out how to open your garage door. Here at Rainier Garage Door, we’re experts in garage door repair and can help get your door back up and running in no time.

In the meantime, here are some instructions on lifting the door so you can get back to your daily routine. Thanks for reading!

What Are Garage Springs For?

Garage door springs play an important role in the door’s operation, acting as a sort of counterweight to the garage door. By winding together to build tension, they require a smaller amount of force to open and close heavier garage doors.

There are two primary types available – torsion springs and extension springs. While some garages may utilize both primary torsion springs and have side extension springs, others simply utilize one (or two) of one type.

Without the counterbalancing that torsion and support springs provide, it would be difficult to get your garage door open when you need it.

When the Garage Door Opener Isn’t Too Blame

Isn’t it wild that the only times that things break are on days we are already in a rush? In a heated moment, you might be blaming the garage door opener, but soon you’ll realize there’s a broken spring to blame. So who’s to blame for broken springs?

Unfortunately, door springs tend to wear out over time due to frequent use, tension loss, and lack of lubrication. While the average spring life is about 7-10 years, lack of proper maintenance can be a contributing factor to dealing with a broken spring.

These door springs need regular cleaning and adjustment to best carry their load. While proper spring system maintenance requires expertise and should be done by a professional, there are some simple things homeowners can do, such as lubricating and cleaning their doors regularly to prevent them from the most common garage door problems.

Diagnosing Broken Garage Door Springs

A garage door spring is one of the most important garage door components; after all, it’s responsible for lifting and closing garage doors. Unfortunately, garage springs don’t last forever; when they go bad, they can be tricky to identify.

That being said, there are a few tell-tale signs that you are dealing with a broken spring. If your garage door opener loses its ability to open or shut the door on fresh batteries – the springs could be to blame.

Likewise, if you hear a loud ‘bang’ when you try to lift it – this could indicate that one of the extension springs has broken and needs replacing.

And if your garage door appears stuck in the open position without any sign of movement, this may be due to a broken torsion spring.

In any case, it’s always best to call in an expert to check before attempting broken spring repairs yourself.

The Dangers of Fixing a Broken Spring Yourself

Fixing a garage door with a broken spring can be daunting, and doing it yourself could lead to hazardous results. Trying to fix the garage door springs yourself often leads to costly repairs because they are concealed behind panels, need segmented force adjustments, and are subject to tension measurement.

While it might feel right to try and save money by repairing the garage door with a broken spring yourself, this could potentially harm you as a homeowner or even your garage door opener if not done correctly. Therefore, it is best that homeowners contact a garage door technician who is experienced and certified to repair garage door systems safely. Not only will this reduce the risk of severe injury, but it will also ensure that your spring repair is executed correctly.

Tips for Calling in the Right Professionals

Finding a professional to help you with your garage door spring can be challenging. With a professional installation, your property will be handled safely and efficiently, compared to wasting time attempting to teach yourself and repair at the time.

When it’s time to call around to local garage door companies and inquire about their experience in repairing garage door springs, make sure they have reviews, they’re proud of sharing with you.

Opt for a professional who has the correct tools, training, and expertise for a smooth installation so you won’t have to worry about any long-term problems or additional damage to your home.

Skip the Hard Work and Hire Rainier Garage Door!

In summary, garage door springs are incredibly important parts of the mechanism that make opening and closing your garage easy and convenient. Unfortunate events like average wear and tear’s last usage, excessive weight from snow, or corrosion from salt can cause breaks in the spring itself.

However, it is not recommended for homeowners to attempt to repair a broken spring on their own. When facing issues with your garage door spring, call the professionally trained team at Rainier Garage Door, who will make fixing your problem a priority. So don’t let your broken spring take away the convenience of easy entry and exit with your car or storage items, give Rainier Garage Door a call today!


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