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QMI CounterSafe® Security Shutters

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QMI CounterSafe® and LX6 shutters by QMI offer versatile, secure solutions for pharmacies, kiosks, and counters. Quick to deploy and easy to lock, these shutters provide robust protection without sacrificing visibility or aesthetics. Ideal for various retail and commercial applications.


QMI CounterSafe® security shutters offer unmatched protection for pharmacies and various other retail settings. These shutters are available in solid slat designs or with the perforated Punch 51 slat to facilitate airflow without compromising security. They can span up to 30 feet wide and 15 feet tall, making them versatile for multiple straight-line applications.

For more open pharmacy layouts, QMI also provides Side Folding Grilles with curved top tracks. These grilles can conveniently tuck away in a side pocket when not in use. The LX6 rolling shutter variant employs clear polycarbonate inserts, offering maximum visibility while being 250 times stronger than glass.

Additionally, CounterSafe shutters are ideal for kiosks, press boxes, stadiums, concession stands, and food counters. They provide a fast-deploying, easy-to-use security barrier that can be installed on the interior for a sleek appearance. Locking options include slide bolts or keylocks, which insert into the mortised side rails for added security. With easy push-up/pull-down operation, employees can secure an area quickly and efficiently.

QMI – Security Shutters

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Qompact Shutters: The Gold Standard in Shutter Technology

Size and Design

Smaller Shutter Box

The Qompact shutter system features an ultra-compact design, with a shutter box that is 40-50% smaller than traditional systems. For a 122” (3.1 m) tall shutter, for instance, only a 6.5” (165 mm) box is required, maximizing space efficiency.

Comparison of Box Sizes by Shutter Height

– 69” (1700 mm) : Qompact 5.5” (140 mm), Others 8” (200 mm)
– 84” (2100 mm) : Qompact 6” (150 mm), Others 10” (250 mm)
– 122” (3000 mm) : Qompact 6.5” (165 mm), Others 12” (300 mm)
– 149” (3800 mm) : Qompact 7” (180 mm), Others 12” (300 mm)
– 184” (4800 mm) : Qompact 8” (205 mm), Others 14” (350 mm)

Elegant Slat Design

The Qompact system comes with 10 different slat sizes that have been ingeniously engineered to nest tightly together, allowing for an incredibly compact roll and a smaller box housing.

Strength and Durability

Unparalleled Hinge Strength

Qompact’s slat hinges are robust enough to support curtains up to 6 meters wide (20 feet) and 5 meters high (15 feet). They are 27-times stronger than foam-filled variants, significantly enhancing the shutter’s strength.

Impact Resistance

In rigorous impact testing, Qompact shutters have shown remarkable resilience, withstanding 82 punches, 5 kicks, and 80 hits with a sledgehammer. They consistently outperform foam-filled competitors.

Pull-Apart Strength

The pull-apart strength of Qompact is a staggering 8050 kg/m, making it immensely stronger than the 296 kg/m of 40mm perforated slip hinges.

Insulation and Efficiency

Qompact shutters built into wall applications can feature 30-40% more shutter box foam insulation than traditional systems, enhancing energy efficiency.


Residential Applications

For homeowners, Qompact offers quiet operation, elegant design, and robust security. These shutters also provide privacy, sun shading, and even hurricane protection.

Commercial Applications

In the commercial setting, Qompact shutters are unmatched, capable of being built both wider and taller than foam-filled counterparts. Widely used in the United States, these shutters serve both loss prevention and design needs and can even be perforated for nighttime merchandising.

Safety Standards

Meeting the strict U.S. Florida (FBC) hurricane standards, Qompact shutters can withstand winds of up to 330 km/h (200 mph) for spans as wide as 6000mm (19.5 ft).


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QMI Product Brochure

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QMI Security Shutters Installation

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Security Shutter Warranty


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1 review for QMI CounterSafe® Security Shutters

  1. Aisha P

    My store got broken into late at night but the robber did not get anything from my registers due to the counter safe shutters stoping them.

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