How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Garage door springs last approximately 6-12 years - do you know how old yours are? Call Rainier out for an inspection!

If you’re thinking about buying a home with an older garage, it’s worth getting an estimate to replace garage door springs before you close on the property. Knowing how much a spring replacement will cost can guide your price negotiations. Many homeowners don’t think about their garage door springs until they break. But these vital […]

How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

An insulated garage door can make a big difference in the energy efficiency of your home. Consider purchasing with Rainier Garage Door when it's time to renovate this often neglected area of your home.

Garage doors are one of those things that you don’t really think about until you need a new one. And when that time comes, it can be tough to figure out how much a replacement door will cost. There are a lot of factors that go into calculating garage door replacement costs. In this post, […]

How Do I Lift My Garage With a Broken Spring?

Trying to lift those heavy garage door panels can eel just exhausting at the ned of the day. Don't deak with a garage door with a broken spring any longer - call RUPP today!

If you’re a homeowner with a broken garage spring, you may be here trying to figure out how to open your garage door. Here at Rainier Garage Door, we’re experts in garage door repair and can help get your door back up and running in no time. In the meantime, here are some instructions on […]

How Much Should a New Garage Door Cost?

Alright the garage isn't opening anymore. So what factors will impact the average cost to replace your existing door? Let's consider this here.

As a homeowner in Seattle, you know that having your own garage can offer its own unique set of benefits. From providing extra storage space to keeping your car safe from the elements, a good-quality garage door is instrumental in ensuring these advantages are fully realized. But when it comes to costs associated with a […]

How Do I know if My Garage Door Motor Is Bad?

The garage door opener bears a lot of weight when it comes to garage door issues. But when it isn't the garage door remote after all, give Rainier Garage Door a call so we can make sure your garage door opens exactly when it needs to.

A garage door motor is an integral part of your garage door system. It’s responsible for powering the opening and closing of the garage door, so when it begins to malfunction or stops working altogether, you know you have a problem with your hands. But how do you know if the issue lies with the […]

Can You Repair a Garage Door Spring Yourself?

Replacing torsion springs and extension springs is an important task to leave to the professionals. Using winding bars to remove and replace the garage door torsion springs, they'll have the door opening in no time!

In today’s economy, everyone is trying to save a buck. Can you paint your own walls? Sure. Reseal bathrooms with caulking? Probably. But can you repair a garage door spring yourself? Well… The springs are one of the most important parts of a garage door and if they’re not working properly, the door won’t work […]

What Are Common Garage Door Problems?

Garage door openers aren't the only thing to blame with average garage door operating problems. Get your door moving smoothly again with Rainier Garage Door!

If you’re like most homeowners, your garage is one of the most-used spaces in your house. Whether it be for your car’s protection, a home gym, play space, or storage – the garage is a coveted home feature. And if you’re like most people, you don’t give much thought to the door of your garage […]

How Do You Fix an Old Garage Door Spring?

When the torsion springs are appropriately attached to the center bracket, they will wrap easily on the winding bar

How Do You Fix an Old Garage Door Spring? Garage door springs are an essential part of any garage, and they are also one of the most dangerous parts. The springs are under a tremendous amount of tension, and if they break, they can cause serious injury. For this reason, it is vital to understand […]